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Colleen, Executive Director
As we write (and rewrite!) our upcoming book, we’re thinking a lot about how current beliefs conflict with the cultural norms required to integrate volunteers and salaried employees into one team.In...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
What happens when we underutilize the talent that exists in our organizations? We may think it’s simply a missed opportunity for greater growth and better mission delivery. But what if it’s actually...
Last week I shared the story of how our team decided to stop having staff meetings.Today, we have other news to share with you.Four years ago, we began incubating the Next Leaders Network, hoping to...
If you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll know we’re writing a book. Today, we’re seeking your opinion on a few possible titles. Writing a book is thrilling. And agonizing. Some days we do...
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
**Third in a series relating to a recent “experiment” in succession planningI was living in England with my partner at the time when the company he worked for, Crystal Decisions, was acquired by...


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