Capacity Building Tools & Resources


Fund the People Toolkit

Fund the People offers a free toolkit, to help maximize investment in the not-for-profit workforce. The toolkit provides practical guidance, promising practices, and illustrative data on the value of talent-investing, and features six content areas: case making; how-to guides; field stories; building an inclusive workforce; discussion guides; and resources.

HR Toolkit

The HR Toolkit created by the HR Council is a comprehensive online resource designed to help managers, employees and board members better understand, address and manage issues relating to HR in not-for-profits.

Strengthening Nonprofit Capacity, a funders guide 

This publication by GEO offers practical guidance and considerations to support grantmakers to design an effective approach to capacity building. Capacity building enables not-for-profit leaders and organizations to develop the skills and resources they need to improve their work. Since each organization is unique, effective capacity-building support is tailored to best suit the needs of grantees. 

Not-For-Profit Lifecycles Overview

This resource looks at the benefits of the lifecycles approach and defines Susan Kenny Steven's seven lifecycles stages: idea, start up, growth, maturity, decline, turnaround, termination.

Environmental Scan

The Environmental Scan is an opportunity to take stock of where your organization is currently, in terms of its position within the broader environment within which you operate.

90 Day Leadership Action Plan

This resource walks you through the steps to develop a 90-day plan based on your goals and execute it effectively.

Mission Focused Decision Making

Use this resource to support good decision-making in your organization. Create the foundation for team members – including board, staff and volunteers – to feel engaged with their role, develop their skills, and make their best contribution to organizational goals.

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