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With your organization’s unique requirements in mind, our customized training directly addresses your opportunities and challenges.

Vantage Point’s Custom Training allows you to develop the competencies and organizational culture needed to meet your specific challenges.

Tailor your learning to the realities and desired outcomes of your organization. Whether developing talent, culture, plans or the leadership strategy that delivers on your mission, Vantage Point can meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go.

We can adapt and modify any of Vantage Point’s governance, leadership, planning or people engagement programs to create a successful training experience or develop new content specifically designed for your organization. Our learning developers and expert facilitators work directly with you to identify and understand what it takes for your training to be a success.

When training is customized and tailored for your team, all parts of the organization benefit. 

By having a common framework of best practices - board governance to capacity building, or developing leadership competencies to people engagement, the entire team gets focused on the key elements of success. As a result, more engaged team members are equipped with tools and processes to take back to their individual positions and quickly implement.

Invest in your organization’s capacity & sustainability:

  • Tailor a solution specific to your unique strategies, culture, people, and challenges
  • Train multiple team members within your organization at one time 
  • Focus on real-life examples from your organization
  • Build your team through a unique learning experience where collaboration is encouraged
  • Tackle difficult topics through open discussions 

Our Custom Training 

  • Half-day to multi-day sessions
  • Foundational and advanced topics
  • For staff, board, or both
  • Delivered by an expert facilitator
  • Cost effective and impactful 

Our Process

  1. Analysis of Outcomes
    Get started by discussing your specific learning objectives and goals with a Vantage Point team member. Time-frames and deadlines, your organization’s culture, details about the participants, delivery style, and, most importantly, the training outcome you desire are all an integral part of this discussion.
  2. Identify Topics & Content
    Based on your organizational objectives, our team will develop a training solution inclusive of the appropriate training topics and content.
  3. Develop Custom Content
    Our Director of Learning and a team of volunteers and instructional designers will customize a program by developing content, examples, exercises and activities specifically for your organization. 
  4. Facilitator Preparation
    Our hand-selected facilitator will contact you to discuss your training objectives and will incorporate your input to ensure success. Industry leaders and professional facilitators deliver our programs. They’re proven experts in their fields, and they’re dedicated to giving their time and sharing their knowledge with you. We call them “Knowledge Philanthropists”.  
  5. Delivery
    Our facilitator delivers an interactive session that is on target with your goals and objectives. Depending on the delivery style identified as the best choice for your group, your training program can include small and large group activities, case studies, role-plays and interactive exercises. You can count on a program that educates and inspires your participants while meeting your important organizational goals.
  6. Follow-Up
    We conduct satisfaction and quality assessments at the close of each training program to ensure we meet your objectives.


Gain immediate returns on your training investment. 

Contact us today to learn more about pricing and availability

Olivia Gordon
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297 




Ready to bring sector-leading training to your not-for-profit?

For more information on pricing and availability, contact:

Olivia Gordon
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297 


t: 604 875 9144**
f: 604 875 0710
1183 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2X5

**Please note: During COVID-19 the Vantage Point team is working from home. Contact information for workshops can be found on event pages, or find a list of our staff contact info here.


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