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Through this half-day workshop, develop a concrete understanding of the fundamentals of strategic planning.

Move from reactive to proactive management of people transitions in your organization.

Effective succession planning is rooted in a continuous process of building leaders at all levels of your organization. This workshop focuses on fostering a culture of succession planning and provides participants with specific approaches and tools aimed at all levels of the organization: board, Executive Director, salaried employees, and skilled volunteers. You will be equipped to identify your current and future leadership requirements to move your mission forward.

Workshop Details

Date & Time: September 24, 2020 l 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Virtual / Online Learning via Zoom
Cost: Member$95, Non-Member - $115

Workshop Benefits

  • How to embed succession planning into core human resource practices such as recruitment and selection, onboarding, performance management and knowledge transfer will also be explored.
  • Move from reactive to proactive management of people transitions in your organization Minimize knowledge and productivity loss due to people transitions
  • Attract top talent through effective succession planning

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Define attributes of an organizational-wide succession planning strategy
  • Analyze your strategic plan and organizational life cycle to identify the skills and expertise you require in the future
  • Integrate a succession planning lens to people processes related to recruitment and selection, onboarding, performance management and knowledge transfer – for all levels of the organization (board, executive director, salaried employees and volunteers)


  • Creating a culture of succession planning through an approach of abundance and continuity of leadership
  • How to identify what you require through strategic planning and understanding your organization’s life cycle
  • How to incorporate succession planning into your current human resource practices:
  • Recruitment and selection
    • Orientation
    • Performance management
    • Knowledge transfer

The Leadership Ladder

  • The big picture – these are all the levels involved in aligning people to mission
  • Examine which parts are board-led and which are staff-led
  • Some of these are part of the strategic plan, some part of the operational plan

Register Now

Date: September 24, 2020 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Online / Virtual
Vancouver, BC
City of Vancouver


Catarina Moreno

Catarina has 15+ years of experience in leading people, programs and projects in mission-driven organizations locally and internationally. She believes in the power of collaboration and capacity-building and is specifically interested in strategic planning, organizational culture and the opportunities inherent in change. She holds a certificate in Organizational Design and Development and is passionate about designing engaging workshops that promote peer learning.

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