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October 1, 2018 (All day)

This workshop will be offered in October 2018, the exact date is still being determined. Join the interest list to get a notification when we have set a date.

Techniques & Tools For Effective Leaders

This full-day workshop includes facilitated discussions, individual and group activities and experiential learning through coaching practice. In this highly-experiential session, participants will have the opportunity to practice coaching skills and experience being coached, actively tackling issues they are currently facing in the work place.

This course follows a two-step process: First, clarifying what coaching is and is not, introducing the Excelerator Coaching™ model. Second, going further into coaching techniques and tools, and consolidating learning through practicing coaching skills and being coached.

Program Details

Date & Time: Date is TBD (will be offered in October 2018)
Location: 1183 Melville Street, Downtown Vancouver
Cost: $229.00

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will have an understanding of coaching and will be comfortable coaching others. Participants will be able to:

  • Understand what coaching is and how it can support performance within organizations
  • Be comfortable using the Excelerator Coaching™ model to work with others within their organizations
  • Understand and apply a range of coaching and influencing approaches
  • Improve their communication and influencing skills through developing active listening and effective questioning skills
  • Understand interference and limits on performance
  • Contract clearly and ethically, and be aware of coaching boundaries
  • Be comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and learning from others


Participants in the One Day Intro to Coaching workshop are introduced to the four principles of the Excelerator Coaching™ Model – Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Excel.

  • ENGAGE: Focuses on creating an environment of safety and confidentiality for meaningful conversations.
  • ENLIGHTEN: Focuses on identifying root causes and underlying issues rather than symptoms in order to target specific action.
  • EMPOWER: Focuses on generating self-awareness of internal and external barriers which typically interfere with effective planning and implementation of change.
  • EXCEL: Focuses on commitment to action, with realistic timeframes.

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Date: October 1, 2018 (All day)
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Elijah van der Giessen

Eli strives to be a connector - the interstitial tissue that holds the muscle of a community together. He's been a volunteer manager, an event organizer and a digital campaigner. Basically, he'll take any gig that allows him to enable a group of passionate people to create things they love. Currently he's the NetSquared Community Manager for TechSoup, supporting a global volunteer network of 120 monthly meetups for the nonprofit technology sector. Together they hold over 800 events per year.

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1183 Melville Street
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