LeaderShift Program Outline

This cohort learning program gives practical tools and opens up new conversations, ways of thinking and techniques to support Executive Directors, CEOs, and Senior Managers move forward in their leadership journey.


  • Standout leadership competency assessment (not included in registration cost)

Recommended Reading Materials

  • Leader of the Future 2: Visions, Strategies and Practices for the New Era, Various authors
  • Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity, Susan Kenny Stevens
  • The Abundant Not-For-Profit, Colleen Kelly and Lynda Gerty

Program Learning Objectives 

  • Create a 90-day action plan to activate and apply learning within a real-world context
  • Articulate personal leadership values and philosophy
  • Develop and practice professional skills throughout the learning process
  • Build peer connections through networking opportunities

Session 1: Kick-Off Webinar

This is the first introduction to your peers and facilitators and the starting point for a shared learning environment over the next few months

  • Program overview
  • StandOut Assessment (participants to complete assessment on their own)
  • Participant introductions
  • Homework: Leadership Action Plan worksheet; StandOut Assessment

Session 2: Leading Self (Full-day)

Framing Your Leadership Style

  • Defining leadership styles
  • Reviewing personal leadership assessment
  • Understanding the unique characteristics of the not-for-profit sector
  • Discussion of not-for-profit leadership approaches as they relate to creation of personal leadership plan and defining leadership mission and vision
  • The importance of self-care and self-development for not-for-profit leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate personal leadership values and philosophy
  • Describe and discuss current approaches to non-profit leadership

Session 3: Leading Across Your Organization (Half-day)

Sharing leadership with your board

  • Embracing shared leadership
  • Shaping board dynamics
  • Applying generative, strategic and fiduciary modes of governance
  • Vantage Point Leadership Ladder

Leadership techniques to engage teams

  • Leadership and lifecycle: where do you want your team to go next?
  • Manage yourself, lead your team: talent development
  • Knowledge Philanthropy: how can engaging volunteer talent help lift your organizational capacity?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify strengths and limitations of the shared leadership model as it applies to shaping board dynamics
  • Describe and apply generative, strategic and fiduciary modes of governance Develop techniques to build strong teams of paid and volunteer talent

Session 4: Leading Strategy (Full-day)

Leading towards mission

  • Acting as the hub between governance and operations to keep the mission alive
  • Embedding mission within financial, human resources and operational systems
  • Tracking impact and measuring the mission
  • Lifecycles 101 assessment

Learning Objectives

  • Outline techniques to link day-to-day operational activities with organizational vision and mission

Session 5: Leading Community (Half-day)

Leading community

  • Who cares? Identifying audiences, investors and stakeholders
  • Leading through personal authenticity, influence and advocacy
  • Managing external expectations
  • Building your network

Learning Objectives

  • Outline techniques to link day-to-day operational activities with organizational vision and mission
  • Generate strategies to identify key stakeholders, manage external expectations in order to effectively lead community
  • Create a 90-day action plan to activate and apply learning within a real-world context




Fall 2017 Deadline: 
October 4, 2017 at 4:00pm PT



In Class Fall Schedule - Apply today!
October 27 l 9:00am - 4:00pm
November 1 l 5:30pm - 8:30pm
November 15 l 9:00am - 4:00pm
November 30 l 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Follow-up Session

LeaderShift: advanced, cohort-based professional and leadership development for Vancouver not-for-profit leaders, executive directors and CEOs



Brian Mills

Brian Mills is a senior leader with extensive experience in strategic planning, policy development, system effectiveness, project direction, efficiency organizational structure and organizational improvement in complex and high-profile, multi-stakeholder and public-sector environments and experience in the not-for profit sector. Brian has led strategy and policy development, plan development, collaborative development of project and program scope and alternatives analysis typically bringing stakeholders together to develop a shared understanding of core issues and common interests.


"Investing the time in LeaderShift provided me with the tools to make actionable change in my organization, and I've already seen results."

Charles Gauthier, Presdent & CEO, Downtown Vancouver BIA and 2015 LeaderShift participant

Charles Gauthier
President & CEO



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