Leading Change: Getting Change Done

Shift from responding to change to leading and inspiring change.

Do you feel you’re stuck in a place of wanting change within your organization, but not wanting to change?

Our workshop, Leading Change: Getting Change Done, will empower you to shift from responding change, to leading and inspiring change. This workshop will provide you with a strong foundation for implementing change leadership practices. Learn practical tools to embrace the human dynamics that lead to success or failure in implementing change.

Who Should Attend

Board members, executive directors/CEOs or senior leaders (i.e. Directors, Managers, etc.) of not-for-profit organizations

Workshop Benefits

Participants will gain an understanding of the difference between change and transition, and identify concrete steps to build their organizational capacity to lead, implement and manage change.

The benefits of a leadership approach to change management include:

  • Understand how to integrate the strengths, dynamics and capacity of your team to drive your change leadership strategy
  • Increased insight into whether your current change leadership strategies align with your organizational culture and goals
  • Identify transition stages that may be causing additional pressure and how to move through them

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session you will begin to:

  • identify the difference between change and transition embrace the principles of change leadership
  • identify concrete steps you can take immediately to build your capacity to lead, implement and manage change


The workshop will cover the following topics in an interactive, discussion-filled format:

  • Understanding how change takes place within organizations
  • Preparing your team with tools to understand and embrace change
  • Adopting an organizational lifecycles lens to target your organizational change management strategies

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