The New Societies Act Recording

*Recording of the February 18, 2016 workshop*

What to Expect & How to Transition

The Societies Act comes into force November 28, 2016. How will the changes affect your organization?

Join Michael Blatchford, Charities and Not-for-Profit lawyer with Bull Housser, and dive into the critical changes being introduced through the new Societies Act. Michael explains what the new Act will mean to your Society’s current corporate and governance practices, highlight significant changes from the current legislation, and provide tips on how to prepare your board and your organization for the transition to the new Act.

This 2-part pre-recorded presentation includes the key elements of the newly released regulations that support the Act’s implementation.

Who Should Attend

Executive directors/CEOs, board members and other not-for-profit leaders looking for in-depth look at the changes to the Society Act.

Workshop Details 

Cost: $50.00 
Facilitator: Michael Blatchford, Charities & Not-for-Profit lawyer with Bull Housser 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify new areas of compliance required under the new Societies Act
  • Articulate the timeline required to transition to the new Act
  • Prioritize what conversations organizational leaders (board and staff) will want to have in anticipation of transition to the new Act, to be ready to make relevant changes to constitution and bylaws


  • Legislative reform process and anticipated transition process/timeline
  • Key changes related to the Act across a range of areas, including:
    • Meetings
    • Special resolutions
    • Filings
    • Board nominations/appointments
    • Qualifications of directors
    • Conflict of interest Member and public access to Society records
    • Structure of constitution and bylaws
    • Member complaints, and member proposals
    • Senior managers
    • Member-funded Societies 

The New Societies Act impacts your organization’s success – let’s understand it!

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