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Operational planning is the step to take once you've completed your strategic plan. Get operational planning support with Vantage Point.

Put your Strategic Plan into Action - Operational Planning 

A strategic plan identifies your high level goals - an operational plan outlines how your team will achieve those goals.

Operational Planning: Identify and action the day-to-day tasks required to fulfill your Strategic Plan 

Your strategic plan sets direction for your organization over a 3-5 year period, identifying high level strategies to pursue so you can achieve your mission. It does not provide day-to-day tasks or activities involved in running your organization - that’s your operational plan. The purpose of the operational plan is to provide staff with a clear picture of their responsibilities. It outlines what strategies and tasks must be done; who is responsible for each task; when the tasks much be completed; and what financial or other resources are required.

Operational Planning with Vantage Point 

If your organization has completed a strategic plan and has identified priorities for the next 3 to 5 years, the Vantage Point team can support you to build a detailed operational plan that includes goals, activies, timelines, and metrics.

Facilitation & Activities:

  • Develop clear objectives for your organization
  • Identify desired organizational outcomes
  • Establish staffing and resource requirements
  • Develop a process for monitoring your organization’s progress
  • Create concise tasks & objectives to be delivered

Operational Planning Options

Basic - Template & Support

A Vantage Point consultant will review a number of operational planning templates with you
and your key staff, to identify one that best meets your organization's requirments.  

We will outline possible process steps to completing an operational plan,and define key elements
of the plan, including goals, activities, resource requirements, and key performance indicators.


Comprehensive - Capacity Assessment & Plan Development

If you recently created a strategic plan for the first time, successful implementation will depend
on a number of varying factors. It is also critical that your organizational resources and capacity
are aligned to support the priorities you have put in place.

For this option, a Vantage Point consultant will undertake a comprehensive organizational analysis,
including a review of your organization’s current communication and work practices, existing programs
and services, and a lifecycle capacity assessment.The consultant will also work to identify reporting
and monitoring information that will be required by senior management, board members, and funders.


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