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Vantage Point has developed a series of ready-to-use templates and tools on board development, capacity building, leadership and people engagement.

*Some of our resources are currently experiencing difficulties. If you are unable to download the resource from the link sent to your inbox, please email us at to let us know which resource(s) you would like. We will be happy to remediate the situation.

The Abundant Not-for-Profit: How talent (not money) will transform you organization
Vantage Point published The Abundant Not-for-Profit in 2013. Co-authors Colleen Kelly, our Executive Director at the time, and Lynda Gerty, former Engagement Manager, provide key insights to the...
The Year of Abundance: Exploration Tool
This worksheet creates a simple “so that” chain, clearly linking your strategy, with outcomes that build towards your organization's ultimate goal. Use this worksheet to begin exploring the long-term, community level impact of your work.  
This sample survey will provide an example of how to gather information about stakeholders and clients in order to develop and evaluate programs, or as part your not-for-profit strategic planning activities.
This sample stakeholder survey was developed for a fictional community organization that serves families with young children. Surveys like this can be used to gather information about stakeholders and...
Creating your Circles of Support is a valuable way of identifying stakeholders for your not-for-profit organization.
Creating your Circles of Support is a valuable way of identifying stakeholders. With this tool, you can pinpoint which community groups, clients, volunteers and other stakeholders are most important...
Stakeholder Quadrant Resource for not-for-profit strategic planning focused on non-profit leadership, executive directors
The strategic planning quadrant can be used during strategic planning to identify and prioritize stakeholders based on: Their level of power or influence they have over your organization.  Their level...
Worksheet banner with laptop, journal, and pens in background
Stellar onboarding experiences lead to increased retention and engagement. Effective onboarding leads to: Better job performance Greater commitment to the organization Reduced stress Higher job...
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In this toolkit you’ll find a Volunteer Position Description template as well as two samples of Vantage Point Position Descriptions we’ve recently created for actual roles on our external talent team.
The Abundant Not--For-Profit 12 months of tool and resources for nonprofit management -- Modes of Governance: Sharing Leadership with your Board
The three modes of governing are like three different types of conversations that need to happen at the board table. These conversations become tools that help board members feel empowered to make the right types of decisions, harness the collective wisdom of the board, and improve board performance.
The Abundant Not--For-Profit 12 months of tool and resources for nonprofit management -- better use of board time tool
This tool can be used as a conversation starter with your board members to reflect on what makes the best use of your board’s time and identify potential changes to your board meeting agenda or board calendar.


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