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Vantage Point has developed a series of ready-to-use templates and tools on board development, capacity building, leadership and people engagement.

*Some of our resources are currently experiencing difficulties. If you are unable to download the resource from the link sent to your inbox, please email us at to let us know which resource(s) you would like. We will be happy to remediate the situation.

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Use this worksheet to develop annual performance goals, assess progress and provide feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.
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A consent agenda is a collection of items that are voted on as a package at the board meeting, without discussion.
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Tool Kit
This toolkit outlines the building blocks of creating a strong board development committee, including core responsibilities of the committee, and a sample terms of reference for your board development committee.
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This resources gives perspective on the Five W’s of change leadership and how organizations can shift from managing change to leading change.
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Tool Kit
This super tool kit contains five vital resources to strengthen your volunteer engagement program.
Not-for-Profit Board Recruitment
Board recruitment is an ongoing process that ensures that you have the right people on your team to help your organization achieve its current goals and work towards your mission. Use this tool to...
Resource and worksheet to explore not-for-profit leadership competencies
With this new leadership exploration tool, challenge yourself to reflect on what you want to see in yourself, your relationships, and your community.
Not-For-Profit working board must focus on governance, finances, and operations
This list of 10 core ideas will provide insight into the roles and responsibilities of working boards and board members as well as debunk some myths.
Year of Abundance Resource Exploration Mission Alignment with Strategic Planning for Not-For-Profit
Use this framework to help your team understand the difference, and and connection, between your strategic plan and operational plan.


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