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Vantage Point has developed a series of ready-to-use templates and tools on board development, capacity building, leadership and people engagement.

*Some of our resources are currently experiencing difficulties. If you are unable to download the resource from the link sent to your inbox, please email us at to let us know which resource(s) you would like. We will be happy to remediate the situation.

Not-For-Profit working board must focus on governance, finances, and operations
This list of 10 core ideas will provide insight into the roles and responsibilities of working boards and board members as well as debunk some myths.
Year of Abundance Resource Exploration Mission Alignment with Strategic Planning for Not-For-Profit
Use this framework to help your team understand the difference, and and connection, between your strategic plan and operational plan.
How does your organization rate in financial management? Use this quick checklist to find out.
Susan Kenny Steven's seven lifecycles stages: idea, start up, growth, maturity, decline, turnaround, termination.
Tool Kit
As a leader in your organization, you need to make every hire count. First step is knowing exactly what you are looking for. The job description is not just a document, but a living tool that supports...
Executive director recruitment is one of the most important processes a board will ever engage in. Interview guides are one tool in the process to make your interviews effective and consistent. Upon...
Tool Kit
As an organization develops and grows, both in its programs and its culture, the type of leader that is required changes as well. To recruit a new leader, you first have to identify the strategic...
Silhouettes jumping on grassy slope
Tool Kit
This handbook includes policies and procedures for salaried employees and board members to engage knowledge philanthropists. Clear policies and procedures for salaried employees and board members to follow create a consistent experience for knowledge philanthropists and set well-defined parameters.
Not-for-profit resource environmental scanning strategic planning executive directors board member
The Environmental Scan is an opportunity to take stock of where your organization is currently, in terms of its position within the broader environment within which you operate.


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