Vantage Point has developed a series of ready-to-use templates and tools on board development, capacity building, leadership and people engagement.

Mission-Focused Decision Making resource and worksheet for not-for-profit organization, executive directors, board members and staff. Abundance
This resource can support you to make challenging decisions in any role within your organization – including board, staff and volunteers.
Keeping a focus on mission and vision not-for-profit resource, strategic planning, operational planning, board members
Seven tips to keep your mission and vision top of mind, every day, no matter what your role in your organization.
Board Member Essentials tool kit for not-for-profit board governance
This tool for board members focuses on some of the most important responsibilities, issues and trends facing those who provide guidance to not-for-profit organizations.
Year of Abundance Resource Discovery Organizational Functions of Governance, Management, and Operations in Not-For-Profit Organization
Every organization has a set of functions required to keep it running smoothly. They can be categorized into three separate but connected levels: governance, management and operations. This resource identifies and explains the role of governance, management and operations in your not-for-profit organization.
Year of Abundance Resource Pathbreaker Attributes of an Abundant Not-For-Profit
Abundance is not a destination or a management philosophy but a reflection of what we do in our organizations. This resource identifies and explains the 9 attributes of an abundant not-for-profit.
Not-for-profit executive directors and board chair address governance and leading together
This resource provides a structured way of gauging the current vitality of your Board Chair-Executive Director relationship, and strengthen and improve your partnership.
Societies Act comes into force November 28, 2016
This resource addresses some frequently asked questions on how the new Societies Act will affect the ongoing work of your board and organization.
Not-for-profit volunteer engagement planning for projects
When starting a new project, focusing first on human resources by using a Project-Based People Plan can empower a more abundant approach to scoping.
Annual goal setting for not-for-profit staff and employees
Use this worksheet to develop annual performance goals, assess progress and provide feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.


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