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Staff planning and operational retreats for not-for-profit organization in Vancouver British Columbia BC

One Day of Team Building & Operational Planning.

Vantage Point’s full-day Staff Retreat (Team Building and Business Planning) offers a much needed opportunity for your staff to develop as a team, re-engage with your organizational values and build an operational plan that drives your organization’s success.

A Foundation of Shared Values Drives Behaviour, Performance & Results

Reinvigorate and renew the relationships of your team members by engaging Vantage Point to support the development and facilitation of your next planning session. Over the course of the day, Vantage Point leads exercises and conversations to:

  • Reveal and Define Values;
  • Define Success; and
  • Craft a 12-month operational plan.

Organizational Culture

The importance of organizational culture in supporting a high performing team and impactful organization can not be underestimated. In this session, we will support you to explore and build your organizational values and identify the unique behaviours that drive organizational success.

To determine existing values, or the development of possible new values, we will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Reveal value concepts: what are our core principles?
  2. Define values: what specifically do they mean for your organization and team?
  3. Living the values: what does living or not living these values look like?
  4. Outcomes and success: what outcomes will drive performance?

Operational Planning

With these values and measures of success as a foundation, we will facilitate a planning session with your team to create a 12-month operational plan that articulates activities, responsibilities, key milestones, and performance objectives.

This full-day session is an excellent way to combine team building with the operational planning that is so critical to your organization’s success!

We deliver Engaging & High-Impact Staff Retreats

Contact us for more information in pricing and availability 

Selena Shiu
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297 




We deliver engaging & 
high-impact retreats.

For more information on availability and pricing, contact:

Selena Shiu
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297 


t: 604 875 9144**
f: 604 875 0710
1183 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2X5

**Please note: During COVID-19 the Vantage Point team is working from home. Contact information for workshops can be found on event pages, or find a list of our staff contact info here.


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