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Basic to comprehensive strategic planning consulting services for BC not-for-profit organizations

The foundation & direction of your not-for-profit organization. 

Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning places your organization in the driver seat and works with your team to create a plan that sets priorities and aligns your team and other stakeholders toward common goals.

Through Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning, you will achieve your organizational goals more easily. A clear vision of where you are going, through clear alignment between priorities, strategies and activities, will inform your team’s daily decision-making. 

Under the focused stewardship of your board, we support your organization’s strategic planning through facilitated discussions that:

  • Engage your board members through clearly defined priorities, roles, and responsibilities
  • Unearth the skills essential to effectively govern and lead your organization
  • Validate or reframe your vision, mission, and values
  • Review your market data, stakeholder analysis, internal and environmental scans
  • Frame your definition of success 
  • Develop and determine your key priorities
  • Align your people to the mission of your organization

Vantage Point's Strategic Planning Approach

Vantage Point’s strategic planning model will take your board and leadership team through brainstorming and visualization exercises that provoke generative conversations, identify and prioritize your stakeholders and key opportunities, and define your vision for a better community.

With your organization’s goals and situation in mind, we can design and facilitate a strategic planning process from basic to comprehensive that incorporates one to four sessions with your staff and board. Our approach is focused on aligning your organization’s purpose with directives that guide you over the next 3 years. Board and staff will come away with a re-affirmed, high-level direction and renewed commitment to your mission and vision.

Strategic Planning Options

BASIC - 1 day

1 element of the strategic plan

Faclitated brainstorming on 1 (or more) elements of the strategic plan



Vision, Mission and Priorities

Revision and/or confirmation of Vision and Mission
Facilitated brainstorming and crafting of 3-year priorities


COMPREHENSIVE - 2 to 4 days

All 5 elements of a strategic plan

Customized work plan outlining deliverables and timelines
Facilitation of all strategic planning session with your entire board
A final one-page document which captures the essence of the 5 elements of a strategic plan 

A great strategic plan. Everything starts here. 

When you complete Strategic Planning with Vantage Point, you have a final one-page document which captures the essence of your elements of the strategic plan: vision, mission, success, priorities and/or values. 


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Olivia Gordon
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A great stategic plan.
Everything starts here.

For more information on pricing and availability, contact

Olivia Gordon
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297 




"Strategic Planning with Vantage Point Provided us an opportunity to have open discussions and make strategic decisions. We now have structure in place to effectively grow"

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Managing Director

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**Please note: During COVID-19 the Vantage Point team is working from home. Contact information for workshops can be found on event pages, or find a list of our staff contact info here.


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