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Jennifer Wolowic of SFU's Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and Alisha Masongsong from Exchange Inner City are on the podcast this month to talk about democratic engagement.

It can feel as though some leaders “just know” the right fit for the job. In this workshop, you will learn the skills behind attracting and retaining great people.

Did you know culture is at the very core of an organization's success? Even before strategy?

Culture, or “the way we do things around here,” determines how well your organization will be able to use its resources to achieve its priorities. In this half-day workshop, you will explore what culture really means and identify strategies to create a culture which attracts great people to your organization.

In Culture & Engagement...

Over the course of seven sessions, you will learn concepts and test out strategies and tools to elevate your leadership. The learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, however – with the support of a mentor and your peers, you will identify how to apply these learnings in your role as an Executive Director.

We will invite a guest expert to speak at each session. You will be asked to share your questions and challenges ahead of time. Through application and reflection on your experiences, you will deepen your understanding and elevate your leadership.

Session 1: Personal Leadership


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