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When you decide to provide feedback within your organization, chances are your intentions are pure. Maybe you see the potential to smooth a point of tension, or an opportunity for improvement. Bringing up a tough issue can be uncomfortable, so you make sure to plan your approach carefully. But somewhere between your good intentions, the awkward Tuesday meeting, and Wednesday at the microwave, things go awry. 

The feedback sandwich has always been touted as the solution to this problem. It works like this; first, you provide positive feedback, then constructive criticism, then positive feedback again. “That’s DOUBLE the positive feedback!” you think to yourself job well done, and imagine your dazzling new life, free of conflict. 


Since joining the Vantage Point team, I have spent an exciting six months braving the learning curve. To me, the key to this process has been mentorship.

Outside of the workplace, I have a mentor who has guided me through many important career steps over the past year.  Here at Vantage Point, our team fosters mentorship on an ongoing basis between employees, knowledge philanthropists, and program participants alike. Mentorship is also one of the major tenets of our Executive Lab, which offers participants a chance to put their learning into practice by working one-on-one with a seasoned...

In a recent Nonprofit Quarterly article, Mike Burns asked, “What if Nonprofit CEOs were the Board Chairs?”

We loved this question.

Burns argues CEOs could lead more effective, mission-focused boards of directors by filling the role of chair themselves. His proposal is thought-provoking, and also raises its own host of issues.

The controversy surrounding this article sparked lots of lively conversation around the Vantage Point office, and ultimately we decided to dissect the notion together as a group. After some conversation at our Monday team meeting, we reached a conclusion that drove to the...

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