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Miranda is our Membership & Government Relations Coordinator, who manages our Membership community. Learn about why Miranda loves the work she does, and what brought her here...

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Communications You Would Like To Recieve
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In this panel discussion, we will reflect on the ways these systemic challenges manifest in the not-for-profit sector, and the ways in which BIPOC leadership continues to advance transformational change in the face of these challenges.

Time for your Organization to Level Up

Bring your organizational performance to the next levelOur Organizational Assessment and Capacity Improvement Planning will determine areas and activities that offer your team the greatest impact.

Discover Your Current State with an Organizational Assessment

Vantage Point will conduct a detailed assessment of your organization across the following five areas:

  • Programs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Governance
  • Systems
  • Financial Resources

This assessment will reveal the current state of your organization across these five dimensions, and from that, offer...

Support your Executive Director’s performance

Your board’s role includes regular support and assessment of the Executive Director’s performance. Vantage Point provides customized services to support your board to develop an Executive Director performance management plan.

Come away with key benefits for your Executive Director’s performance including:

  • Enhance Executive Director engagement through effective feedback processes
  • Meet the board’s key responsibility to support and develop the Executive Director
  • Engage with key stakeholders, including staff, board, funders, and other partners or...

Participants will engage with decent work beyond concepts like living wage and consider the systemic forces promoting or inhibiting decent work to progress in the not-for-profit sector.

This session will provide you with frameworks and a practical approach to partnering from the Partnership Brokers Association, to help you intentionally identify who you partner with and how to partner more effectively.

This session will provide participants with strategic insights from a government relations professional along with key learnings from relevant and recent successful non-profit advocacy campaigns.

Provincial Election Information for BC Not-for-profits

The BC Government called an early provincial election to take place in October 2020.

General voting day is Saturday, October 24, 2020, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Visit Elections BC for all key election dates and information.

Ways to vote:

Our focus

  1. We have sent questions to each party, and will share responses below. 
  2. We are writing an op-ed to highlight critical issues across the not-for-profit sector that are relevant to this election. 

How party...

What is the JEDI Peer Network?


The JEDI (Justice, Equity, Decolonization, and Inclusion) Peer Network is a group that will gather to review, discuss, and share current and new approaches that improve or augment justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion (JEDI) in BC’s not-for-profit sector.

This group will take an intersectional approach and invite participants into this group who identify or work with BIPOC, LGBTQ+ leaders, and people with disabilities.

The Peer Network has three objectives:

  • To identify the nature and scope of challenges related to JEDI in BC’s not-for-profit...
Please explain your interest in advancing justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion in the not-for-profit sector, particularly in the areas of leadership in the workforce and on boards. (one to two paragraphs suggested)
Drawing from your own experience in the not-for-profit sector thus far, what are the JEDI issues that should be addressed in this sector? (one to two paragraphs suggested)
How does your current and past work demonstrate your interest in improving justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion in the sector? (one to two paragraphs suggested)
Do you have any barriers to participation that you would like us to know about and/or ways that we could support your participation in this peer network? Please note that barriers will not lower your chance of acceptance, but allows us to understand what supports will be needed. (one to two paragraphs suggested)


(604) 637-8289

t: 604 875 9144**
f: 604 875 0710
1183 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2X5

**Please note: During COVID-19 the Vantage Point team is working from home. Contact information for workshops can be found on event pages, or find a list of our staff contact info here.


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