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This application is for consultants and not organizations. If you are applying for an organization, please fill out the organization application form.

The below form is one of two parts. Once completed and submitted, please attach the list of information below in an email to Joyce Lin, Provincial Outreach Coordinator, to complete your application.


Please complete this form and submit it by April 2, 2021. It must be completed all at once, as the form does not save manually or automatically.

Minimum Criteria to Apply:

  • Have attended the Dimensions of Success: Consultant Session on June 16 & 18, 2020, or have completed other NLI Lifecycles training as deemed appropriate by Cohort Partners
  • Proven success consulting within the not-for-profit sector for a minimum of two years
  • Demonstrated ability to complete a range of not-for-profit consulting projects
  • Demonstrated experience guiding groups of people through organizational decision-making
  • Commitment to attend all 4 of the Cohort Meetings

For the second part of this application, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Resume
  • References - Minimum 2 not-for-profits with whom you have worked and can explain the work done:
    • Organization
    • Name of contact at organization
    • Phone
    • Email
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Please type in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx
Based on your learning and insights from the "Dimensions of Success" workshop so far, please provide an introduction on your interest in BESTI and your capabilities to participate as a consultant. (300 words maximum)
Please describe your consulting experience, especially with not-for-profits. You should outline: 1) your primary skillset regarding capacity issues such as governance, finance, marketing/management systems, program development, visioning, etc. 2) the lifecycles stage in which you feel most comfortable working in, and 3) methods you've developed for working within that stage. (500 words maximum)
BESTI is a 12-month program between June 2021 to June 2022. During this time, the consultant is expected to lead all consulting activities and attend four Cohort Meetings. Please describe your ability to take on a new clinet (the assigned not-for-profit organization) during the time frame of the program and any existing commitments or anticipated events that may limit your availability.
For the second part of this application, please email the following to
Resume; References - Minimum 2 not-for-profits with whom you have worked and can explain the work done (Organization, Name of contact at organization, Phone, and Email). Please submit by April 2, 2020 at 11:59PM.
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