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Vantage Point provides not for profit leaders with the training, facilitation, and support services they need to deliver on their mission. We strive to give them the best information we can about the capacity building services in their communities. We often receive requests for consulting and other services from organizations across BC that are either out of our scope or beyond our own capacity. In order to better support these leaders, we are seeking to build a referral list.

When an organization calls us we want to offer them an up-to-date list of individuals and organizations providing the kind of service they are seeking.

If you would like to be on that list, please complete the form below. As long as you are able to offer the names of two or more not-for-profit clients, we will include your information in the referral list. If you haven’t worked with not-for-profits before but have provided services in the business or public sectors, please be in touch to explore opportunities to engage as a Vantage Point Knowledge Philanthropist (skilled volunteer).

Apart from the requirement to demonstrate your not-for-profit experience below, we will not be checking references, assessing skills, or otherwise determining quality of services offered. When an organization is seeking support in the topic areas you identify, we will provide an alphabetical list to the organization.

The referral list that we share publicly will include, first name, last name, organization (if applicable), phone number, email, and relationship to Vantage Point.

Please contact us if you have any questions by emailing Samantha Kannegeiter at

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t: 604 875 9144**
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**Please note: During COVID-19 the Vantage Point team is working from home. Contact information for workshops can be found on event pages, or find a list of our staff contact info here.


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